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bringing the e-mobility revolution to Africa

Ampersand is a company based in Berlin that brings the electric bike revolution in China to Africa. We develop cargo e-bikes specifically for tough African roads, and introduce solar charging where practical. We are doing this to reshape the energy and transport future of Africa.

Reshaping the Energy & Transport future


Only 28% of rural Africans have access to electricity. Meanwhile, lack of affordable transport for goods remains a key obstacle for small businesses in Africa.


Nearly 200 million electric two-wheelers are already on China's roads, revolutionising local transport and distribution. We build safer, tougher eBikes for Africa. The cost of Chinese solar panels has fallen 80% in 4 years. Where cost-effective, we work with local partners to combine these two technologies.


By using microfinance and mobile payments, we make it possible for small businesses to finance our bikes and solar chargers out of their increased profits.

By combining three 'leapfrog' technological revoultions from the developing world: off-grid solar, mobile payments and cheap eBikes, we help Africa leapfrog rich countries to a sustainable future" - Josh

Who is behind Ampersand

Joshua Whale

Founder - Ampersand

After 6 years as a lawyer at China's top international intellectual property practice, Josh set out to apply his knowledge of Chinese manufacturing by bringing together the boom in Chinese electric bikes, the drop in solar panel prices and battery technology, and the resulting boom in off-grid solar in Africa and India. He aims to improve lives and kick-start a climate-friendly future for transport and energy. Josh was born in New Zealand to Kiwi and German parents.